General Questions

What advocacy areas does CYM Education Foundation cover?

Majorly, our spotlight is on women, children and youth, whom we mobilize and advocate for their rights. We stand at the forefront of freedom and we be the voice of the voiceless and the socially oppressed. We focus on Peace Building, and advocacy on Youth, Women and PWDs' inclusion in governance, economic matters, Gender Justice, Climate Change Capacity Building, including the rights of Children, and by extension, Small Arms Proliferation and campaign against Killer Robots etc.

Does CYM Education Foundation accept volunteers?

Yes. Being a youth-led organization, youth are our manpower. As much as we have existing volunteers (over 1,000) in over 50 universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria and across Africa who advance the course of the team, calls for volunteers are usually open from time to time.

What about CYM Education Foundation and is it a registered organization?

CYMEF is a youth-led and non-governmental advocacy group registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with Registration Number 176900. We were Cultural Youth Initiative Movement of Nigeria (CYIMN) since 2013 when established, but a change of name was necessary having thought of putting focus in consideration and this was done after a long process, on 25th of March 2022.

Who are CYMEF's partners and funders?

Our funders include Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, the World Council of Churches and with support from local organizations. We have a bank of partner organizations both in Nigeria and across Africa. It is interesting to add also that we belong to several international and national organizations such as Civicus, PaRD etc. You can see the section for partners and funders for more.

How can I be part of CYMEF?

90% of the team is volunteer-based, with only a minute number of full staff. We make calls for volunteers when needed. However, if you have an idea on what can make us better and how best you can be part of it. Kindly fill our volunteer for or refer to our contact section for the contacts to reach. The are available round the clock to attend.

How many projects has CYMEF carried out before?

We have successfully executed over 10 projects in years past, with funding by international and national organizations. For our recent projects, our gallery sheds more light.

CYMEF's social media pages appear new. Does that mean it is a new organization?

Yes and no. As stated above that CYMEF was CYIMN until recently. With the former name, we carried out a whole lot of projects which you can find, particularly on our Facebook (@Cultural Youth Initiative Movement of Nigeria) and Twitter (@Cyim_Nigeira). We have shifted from them unto the new ones. However, our records can be found in the previous and we ensure we connect them with the ones we are currently handling. Check our handles and website daily to stay updated.