Advocacy on Nigerian 2023 general election - Season 2

Nigeria has the most people in Africa, and the country is proud of its culture, over 525 languages, and primarily religious diversity. Youth make up a large proportion of Nigerians and are also the primary actors in either fueling or mitigating violence during an election.

At elections, the triadic religions send registered observers, and everyone wants to be recognized as such.

Nigerian policymakers, religious leaders, and traditional rulers also called for peaceful elections ahead of the general election next year.

As a youth-led organization, we will engage religious leaders in advocacy for religious freedom and young people in civic responsibility of participating in politics, calling for a peaceful election ahead of the 2023 general election.

Join us by December 1st as we educate young Nigerian citizens about the dangers of political violence surrounding elections, including the long-term consequences of poverty, hunger, and economic decline in the country, and also call for youth inclusion in politics.

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